Budget exhaust

Okay guys, I'm looking for a budget exhaust system for my 06 wr450. I have heard a lot about the big name systems like FMF, pro circuit etc. What about the lesser known brands? Jardine and Hindle come to mind. I only want to drop roughly 300 bones on a full system. Bling isn't a big factor for me but improved flow with decent sound output is.

And... Go!

I have the Jardine Rt4 exhaust on my yzf and it is actually built well and is holding up really well. Added some low-mid i really like it. Look at my garage for pics of it.

Well I went budget and threw a 08 YZ exhaust on my 07 WR. Cost me $150 for full system. I don't know if sound is an issue for you in Sask because a 06 YZ exhaust would be alot louder than a 08 but it's a cheap power gain.

Stock YZ exhaust with a DRD SA endcap and quiet insert on my WR. All for less than $200.

Okay guys, I'm looking for a budget exhaust system

Here ya go :p:eek:


Here ya go :p:eek:


that's really funny. is that from a civic?

What does the rest of the system look like? If it performs like it looks, than I'll have to walk down the street at night dressed in all black, carrying a hack saw.

I've heard the jardine system is pretty loud. So I'm eying up the hindle system.

The bike will be used on the street and gravel pits around my place.

I wonder if Dave at MRD could make you something for the WR? He's got a pipe listed on his website for the YZF. His warranty is unmatched and although a little more than the price range you quoted at $400 it might be a route to consider :eek:


From the MRD site:

"MRD pipes are designed for durability as well as performance. We utilize thicker gauge material in damage prone areas like head pipe, mount section, and muffler canister. If your pipe fails or is damaged in a crash, MRD will fix it free of charge."

thanks 06crf_er

Any experiences with thunder alley or muzzy?

My options would be greater if I went for a slipon. Is it really worth the ~$100 for the header?

Is it really worth the ~$100 for the header?

Really depends on what you're looking for. The stock header with aftermarket can will work, it just might not deliver the change in performance you're looking for without the full system. Some change might be apparent but to get the full benefit of an aftermarket system, you'll want to look at a head pipe and can complete. Lots of time and testing goes into the complete systems to make them perform well. (in most cases)

What ever happened to Thunder Alley? It appears that they dropped off the face of the earth; their website isn't accessible anymore.

I have a Thunder Alley pipe and it works great despite the excess noise; I just find it odd that nothing is mentioned anymore.

I just found out about MRD-racing.com. They have budget priced pipes that are high quality, but they look very similar to Thunder Alley. I wonder if they're related in any way.

Yea no kidding! I spent like half an hour trying to find the thunder alley site.

I noticed the MRD site doesn't have a listing for an 06 w450 or even 05 yz450. Most pipe manufacturers only list the latest and greatest bikes.

Check out CHM, I picked up the full P-4R system off eBay for under $250 shipped. Killer sound, I could feel a good performance boost, no complaints with over 300 miles on it now..


as was already posted.Buy a used YZ exhaust.It really lights the bike up

You mentioned a $400 price range for a full system, but you'd consider keeping the stock header. Have you considered a FMF Q series? They provide gains over stock and keep your bike relatively quiet.

My bike is louder than I'd like, but it's not yet a problem where I ride and my pipe has no cracks or dents so there's no need to replace it yet. If something should happen to it, I'll be getting a Q2.

Okay guys, here's the list so far:





Thunder Alley (if they are still available)

FMF slip on

Any experiences with any of these? If you have more to add please chime in.

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