The latest on Dunlop 745 or 952

Hey guys, looking to change the front tire :p on my machine. I just wanted a fresh update on opinions. I ride in Kalifornia on mostly single track and fire roads that consist of hard dirt with rock in it to sometimes the loose desert soft stuff with rock in it. Mostly dry but can have some water crossings and moist areas. Which do you prefer and if you could tell me your riding conditions. The Dunlop 745 or 952????:eek:

Thanks, Jason

I can't speak for the 745 but I just put on the 952 and love it. I have two trips with the new tire and have not had any front end wash out like I did with the stock 739 (what a pile). I haven't had the new tire in the tight stuff yet but the 952 works great in the So Cal desert. My last trip took me from the dunes to the Colorado river over every type of terrain imaginable (sand, rocky trails and service roads) without a single front end wash out. I don't think you can go wrong with it.

Does the 952 say "not for highway use" on its sidewall? I run dual sport and need to pass an annual safety inspection for registration renewal in Utah.

Yes, I just looked at mine and it does say that it's "not for highway use" on the side wall.

Thanks Deserthound, The debate is still on-I have read and heard great things on both but I wanted to hear from someone who has used both and find out the why and what they liked about each. Anyone???????????????

756 all the way here

o the not for highway use easy fix

use a dremel and take it off

if it dont say DOT and it dont say no highway

how can they tell you its not

thanks faceplant, you got a picture to go with that name?? haha

What are your riding conditions with the 756. Do you do hard rocky trails?? I dont know what Virginia dirt looks or tastes like!!?!! Thanks, Jason

The 952 is a far more versatile tire than the 742FA. (The old 742 is a straight up POS). The 952 works well over a very wide range of soils, and it's my son's favorite tire. Wears pretty well, too.

The 742FA was a big disappointment. It's great in loamy mid soft stuff, but definitely not on hard pack, and surprisingly bad in sand and deep gravel.

I run a Dunlop 755 as a desert tire and I find I like it a lot. I had it at a local MX track recently that has a lot of dry, dusted over hard pack in it, and it did unexpectedly well there, too.

thanks greyracer,

I am pretty sure of the 952 but I have a friend who says he likes the 745. I was hoping someone on Thumper would verify his satisfaction or a diapproval for what ever reason on the 745. Outside of that I am sold on the 952!!!??? Thanks, Jason

I have run the 745 also, and it's a very good tire if the soils run mostly from mid-soft to hard, and even though it's really not supposed to, it does OK in soft stuff. But the 952 is a better tire over a wider range, with the 745 being a bit better on hard pack.

That is exactly what I'm looking for Grayracer, Thanks, Anyone else??? Jason

I dunno what i was thinking but last summer i put a 742F on my WR front and it handled like crap. I sort of thought it was my riding style. It would wash out on everything. No bite at all regardless of lean angle.

I just put a 952 on the front and it handles perfectly; night and day difference.

I also have a 952 on the rear. I think these are the premier do it all tires. The bike really feels like it tracks perfectly.

I ride in sand, mud/roots good, lots of rocks and pea gravel roads occasionally. It handles all of this stuff predictably. I'm pretty fussy about my tires too.

I have tried Maxxis IT deserts on my XR600 and I'm not impressed and it was a complete whore to put them on - 6ply. Im just gonna cut them off to change them:busted: :thumbsup:

Ok, I have a WR 450 that I am putting on the Maxxis rear and the 952 front. I also have a WR 250 and I am putting on the 952 rear and the 745 front. I will see. I know I love the 952 rear. I have done them and they have done me well. I just gotta try the Maxxis though. Thanks, guys I'll let you know in a few weeks. I will be going to Hollister for 3 days. Thanks, Jason

my 952's and 756's tires front and rear read "for highway use" on my dual sport wr450

I carefully remove the NOT it's been looked at a few times, I've never been question, nobody seems to know the difference

What do you think of the 745's sizing 120/80/19 as opposed to the stock size 110/90/19? I tried a 120/90/19 952 and didnt like it. Maybe I would have liked it in the stock size? I like the 756, but it does where out fast. I'm considering a 745 when my 756 wears out.

What do you think of the 745's sizing 120/80/19 as opposed to the stock size 110/90/19? I tried a 120/90/19 952 and didnt like it. Maybe I would have liked it in the stock size? I like the 756, but it does where out fast. I'm considering a 745 when my 756 wears out.
Haven't used a 745 rear, and you really should try a 952 in 110/90 before you decide you don't like it.

The 745 in 120/80 should weigh about the same as a 110/90, and be roughly the same height. In theory, it's only 10mm wider, so that shouldn't be a factor.

The 745 is intended as a tire for intermediate to hard soils, and by the look of it, I wouldn't think it would work as well in mud or sand as a 952 does. 952's were meant to work well over a wide range of soil types and to wear very well. It does a great job of both, IMO.

Which tire has a harder or softer rubber compound, the 952 or 745? What do you think of these tires for a front? Or would it be a good Idea to stick with a 756 front. I do ride the full spectrum, silt over hard pack, hard pack, northern California. And gravel fire roads.

My discussion of the 3 tires has been mostly from the viewpoint of their use on the front, since that was the question to begin with.

I don't know about rubber compound, per se, but I do know that a lot of people confuse the target soil type designation (hard, soft, etc.) with a description of compounds. The rubber used in tire construction, especially in high grade tires is a fairly complex thing sometimes. Quite often a hard terrain tire will use a soft compound to gain traction on hard surfaces, where it must stick to the ground, rather than dig into it. Soft tires are likely to use harder rubber to help force the knobs into the soil surface for a better bite. It is the tread design that primarily dictates in what kind of soil the tire will work best.

That said, my guess would be that the 745 uses softer rubber than the 952, based on it being a intermediate/hard tire. The 952 wears extremely well, so that tells me it's harder, yet it works well on hard pack.

i ride the 952. its a wonderful tire for all kinds of terrain. i noticed on loose dirt on top of hard pack its kinds slippery, but if youre on the gas its ok

on front i would go with a kenda washougal or a dunlop 756. both excellent tires

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