Clutch Lever Adjustment Help

Had to change my clutch lever do to a small crash. The problem I have know is that the clutch is to touchy for my likings. The new lever was not an exact match to the stock one (The pin hole was a little bit farther in). I have to let the lever almost completely all the way out for it to engage (I perfer it to start to engage when I start to let it out). I tried to adjust it but nothing changed so I figure I am missing a step. Also not sure which is the proper way to turn the cable adjuster for what I need. Did a search but could not find anything. Any advise on fixing this or a forum that has this topic?

which lever you are using may not be the right clutch pull distance

proper adjustment is 3-5mm at the top

it does help to know what bike you have the newer ones have a black round knob you spin to adjust

Sorry, its a 2006 WR450.

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