MY experience with my new to me wr400

My wallet is thin, which is the cheapest and how hard is it to do? Will this really make it kick as easy as my old 2 stroke. I love this bike but my jealous of electric startors definately was out yesterday.

Here you go! And yes, it will work on the wr400 as well.



I got a 99 wr 400. It is all technique. At first i couldnt start my bike to save my life. now it kicks in 1 kick after sitting for a week. kjr247 makes a huge point. dont touch the throttle. It floods easy, really easy. If you do flood it. Try this. Pull the Decomp lever go full throttle and kick like 3 or 4 times. Then find Top Dead Center and do your thing. It sounds kinda kooky but it has worked for me. Plus people who know alot more than me gave me the trick. Hope it helps. Beetle

And make sure you have a good sparkplug in there

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