Calling Steel Frame YZF guys

About 6 months ago I cracked my footpeg mount where it is welded to the frame. So I rewelded it with a mig wire welder and all was good. This weekend I am at the LLQ at Dutch Sport Park in Michigan and I break the other side. Am I the only one having this problem? Does the welding mess with the Cro-moly frame? I am a big aggressive rider. 260lb B rider. Whats the safest fix?

I've heard of this happening due to rust.

The safest, best way to address this problem would be to assume that the issue was a weakening of the base metal of the frame in that area. Cut the welds holding the foot peg brackets off and grind the remnants flush with the frame. Cut a plate of steel about 3-4" long, wide enough and shaped so that it can be overlaid on the frame where the pegs go. The plate should extend as far above the point where the peg goes as practical, and at least 3/4" below it. Weld the plate to the frame using a TIG welder if at all possible. Then attach the pegs to the plate where you want them.

Chrome moly steel is a little touchy about welding insofar as stresses and temper, and it should be done by someone familiar with the material.

Thanks folks. Its an 05 so rusting I dont believe is the issue. I do believe that Cheeseburgers and French Fries are the base of my problem.

LOL thats wierd Ive got an 03 and im 320 lbs and roughly same class .... better check out my mounts!

I wish I would have taken some pics but if you look at your bike there is like a plate under the actual mounts. That plate was welded by a machine I assume and its just not a tough enough weld. Funny though I put 300 hours on a 03 and never had this problem. This bike both sides have broke now.

No probs on my frame.. hope you get it sorted.

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