Crankcase question

Hey guys and girls’

I made a search, but I did find the right answer for my question

Will the right crankcase from a -05 fit my -03?

And if not. What’s the difference between them?

I found a new right crankcase for a -05 almost for free


The cases are machined as a set, and must be replaced as a set. To do anything elso could lead to trouble.

Yes I now that. But I will take the risk if they fit

Try it and tell us how it works!

You should pay close attention to crankshaft and Transmission shaft end play!

I have search the internet and can’t find that there is any difference between -03 and -05?.

When I called my Yamaha dealer in Stockholm(Sweden) they sad that it’s not

The same part number. But it is probably the same!

Why don’t they have the same number if so?

I mean. Don’t want to buy any thing if don’t fit. The one that I found from a -05 is a about 170 $ and a new crankcase is a about 1660 $ in Sweden.

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