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Hey .I`m about to replace my front brake pads and change the brake fluid in my front brake. My bike is an 03 YZ450, ive had the bike almost 3 years, and never done the fluid. I`ve read the brake fluid change article already but had a hard time "understanding" it. can someone give me a quick rundown of what to do, im mechanically inclined but never changed the fluid before.......thanks for your help.

This is the absolute simplest way to change the brake fluid that you will ever find:

Start with the system filled as it is, and leave the old, worn pads in place. DO NOT drain it or pump it out.

Start by pushing the brake pads, out as wide as possible, then pump them back down again. This will help to stir up any sediment in the calipers.

Now open the top of the master cylinder and fill it with new fluid. Leave the cover off, and open the bleeder screw. What you want here is to get the brake fluid to start draining through the system out of the bleeder. You may have to "tickle" the lever a little by moving it very slightly (not more than 5mm or so to get the fluid to start moving, but it should simply drain.

Watch for two things as the fluid runs out. First, never let the reservoir run dry. Add more as needed to keep this from happening. Close the bleeder if you have to. Second, watch for the fluid draining out to become clean and clear. Once this happens, you will have replaced the old fluid with new, and you won't need to bleed it.

Thank you very much Gray, i just talked to the Parts Mangager/ WR expert at the dealership i work at and he said the same thing ( just not as detailed). thanks for your help !

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