Looking for AIS kit??

Hi guys, I live in Kalifornia:banghead: and read the AIS section and a few of you said you would be willing to part with your AIS kit when you remove it. Clark said to put it on the classifieds but I havent seen them pop up on there. I have a 2006 WR450f and would like to purchase one for my bike.:p I will render it inoperable but want the look for the Enviro wackos in my neighborhood!! Please let me know - I am at jandmsuburban7@yahoo.com or you can reach me on my phone 805-925-3446. :eek: thanks, Jason

I have one for an 07 that I guess will work...

PM sent

'07 won't work for '06. There is a thread just for this topic. Here's the link. It's also been made part of the Performance Index :eek:...SC

thanks Clark, I did read those and would love to get ahold of one. I, on that thread, left my phone number and no one is responding to me and they didnt leave any info as to get ahold of them?? Please advise. Thanks, Jason

Got a non-delivery on an email I sent you...

"Unknown reason"

Got a non-delivery on an email I sent you...

"Unknown reason"

same here !!!!!!

Same here.

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