SoCal Mid-Week Riders

I work 3 day's on 3 day's off, so my day's off rotate thru the week with off day's being mostly during the week. Now I know there's lots of TT'ers who also have weekday's off. What I propose is we get a mailing list of all of us and send out contact messages to all on the list, I for one am missing lots of ride time because everybody with real jobs only have weekends off. I personaly have found weekday rides more fun as nobody else is out there..... SoCal..... I just tried to post this on other sites, but can't do it with my cheesy web-tv. perhaps somebody will do this for me... Thx..

I'm game to ride whenever you want. Give me a ring or email me and let me know when you want to go.



(818) 906-9718

cell (818) 406-9809 :)

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