06' YZ 450 new clutch issue

I have studied the wealth of material here and am confused.

Replaced my original inner hub, pressure plate and steel/friction plates for routine service. The parts had at least 80 hours of hard track operation and were functioning very well. They look like new.

The motor is original, jetted properly, with valve adjustments.

Installed the DP kit with the same oil I have run since new. The oil generally shows being used, but is only minorly discolored. The oil after the new clutch turns that black/graphite shade in one hour of use. I briefly thought that perhaps the DP kit used aluminum plates! The clutch seems to operate properly and regains form at the lever after it cools.

What am I missing here? Thanks much.

The clutch has plenty of free play I will try more. I am ready to toss this expensive DP clutch in favor of OEM plates. Are these springs worth running?

I am concerned about clutch gunk in the motor of course. Am I over-reacting? Should I run it until it goes? Is this normal?

This clutch kit was about double the price of OEM Yamaha. Lesson learned.

I usually avoid aftermarket clutch kits other than Hinson or GYT-R for a variety of reasons. But I seem to recall some favorable opinions of DP plates here. I would let it go an oil change or two until the clutch has had a chance to break in, and go from there.

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