How many of u are running something other than yamilube 4-r... how long have u been running it.

ALSO has the throttle stop on the 02 wr's as well.

Does the synthetic or the mobil one oil hurt the wet clutch or any part of the clutch or motor?

i think that does me


I probably have over 200 hours w/ Mobil 1 15/50 synthetic on two different YZFs and have never changed clutch plates.

I don’t know why, but the 15/50 rated Mobil 1 does not have friction modifiers. Other weights do, so stick w/ 15/50. I think the friction modifiers are denoted with an “EC” designation. Do a search on “Mobil 1” and, if it doesn’t bring the server to a screeching halt, you will have many hundreds of posts on this topic at your fingertips.

That should take care of your boredom.

do a search. this oil topic is brought up alot. Like i said do a search. you will find a goldmine of information.


ok i did a search did alot of reading... So Whicever synthetic doesnt have the EC in a circle on the bottle i should be good... where at on the bottle would the EC be located just so i could look and not get the wrong stuff..

any idea on the next best thing then... what bout castrol synthetic..

to the top... i need it in a hurry...

what would be the next best substitute if the mobile one is not as strong or what bout mobile one with the addative lucas...

I also use Mobil1 15-50. They do make a motorcycle formula...but costs a few bucks more a quart. As far as I'm concerned, as long as you change your oil regularly, any oil(good) should work. I would stay with one brand though. Most people have problems with their clutches slipping after changing brands of oil. The clutch plates soak in the oil and when you change brands of oil, the two don't mix well, thus causing slippage. I knew a person that used to worked at Bardahl oil Co(fellow roadracer) and we would go see him every now and then and get a couple cases of synthetic motorcycle racing oil for free. The stuff that retails here for $12-14 a quart. The reason you pay so much is in the marketing. If you feel the need to pay this much...go ahead...I sure as hell, won't! Mobil 1 15-50 at walmart or target, 5-Gal jug for about $18

Last couple of independent test I saw, Mobil 1syn. had the least viscosity breakdown. I change after every three rides, about 12-15 hours. Not because the oil is wearing out but because of the contaminents in the oil.

My .02


For what it's worth, I've had excellent luck with Amsoil. I've noticed that nobody else seems to be using Amsoil on this forum, but I feel that it is a quality product. I use the 0-40W 4-Stroke specific formula.

Quote from DIRTRIDER 06/02 Pg 118 "despite what some armchair mechanics say,there is a major difference between motor oil, A.T.F. and made for motorcycle oils. Super slippery synthetic motor oils can have friction modifiers that drastically reduce clutch life. A quality semi synthetic-blend motorcycle oil is best for four strokes."

Just a quick note: Mobil 1 15W50 (red cap) just changed their formulation. Some of us heard of this in advance (thanks to a post on this forum)and bought gallons of the old stuff. I heard the new does not offer as much protection as the old (this info came from talking to a Mobil Lubrication Engineer). I don't remember what was different. I dont think they added friction modifiers, which screw up wet clutch bikes but he indicated that there was less overall protection with the new formula.

there will be a circle on the back of the oil container. The circle is divided into halves. The bottom part needs to be blank. that is the stuff.

Dirt Rider relies upon the oil manufacturers to make these bold, unproven statements.

Their "Experts" work for Maxima, Bel Ray, etc.

Do you honestly think Maxima will defend riders using a (oh-my-God) Mobil 1 15w-50 Red Cap oil at $3.00/qt, or Maxima "Motorcycle Oil" at $7.00/qt?

The retail business is like any other..."Cut Throat Tactics" to protect their investemnt.

The artical is right next to a picture of maxima 4 100% synthetic 15w50. And DIRTRIDER is telling us NOT to use it......HMMMM! If something doesnt work they say so.

Originally posted by bigdrtrdr:

Quote from DIRTRIDER 06/02 Pg 118 "despite what some armchair mechanics say,there is a major difference between motor oil, A.T.F. and made for motorcycle oils.

Did you not read all the posts before yours bud?

Is it good just to use Yamaha's oil?

The first job I had in high school was at The Seattle English Muffin Co.(Gai"s Bakery). It was funny to see all the different Grocery Store chains being supplied off the same production line :D Running a Grocery store now.(Should of payed more attention in school) We carry 3 brands of milk products, all come from the same company owned dairy, but we screw the customer for more because they think one brand is of higher quality! Same milk, different label! Now who do you think produces Yamalube, Honda Pro-line, Kawi. etc.? I don't have the answer, but I'm sure all these different companies don't produce their own products. Maybe someone has more energy than I do to find out who produces oil for Yamaha & Honda :)


If anyone is interested there is a really good book available for download on the internet called "The Motor Oil Bible". This costs about $10 to download its 158 pages of everything you ever wanted to know about motor oil. Which is best, what all the ratings mean etc. It also has a rating sheets of most brands available and tells why one is better than another. I thought it was good reading, but then again I'm a Mechanical Engineer (no I don't wear a proket protector - actually, I did but it kept falling out on rocky trail sections)

In looking at the ratings sheets, I see Mobil MX4T is rated first with Amsoil right behind.

I've never been able to find anyone who carries the MX4T Mobil 1. Can anyone tell me who carries the stuff? Ive tried most everywhere (Walmart, AutoZone, K Mart, Orielly's etc.) I bought gallons of the old SG rated 15W-50 Mobil 1 (red cap) but now one of the Mobil Engineers says the new SL version, which came out this April, isn't as good as the older SG 15W-50 for dirt bikes. Does anyone remember this posting? I dont remember why the old was supposed to be better.


Check Mobil 1's web sight under their motorcycle oils for "where can I find".

Our local AutoZone sell MX4T for $7.99/quart. Call first, because all the other locations indicated by Mobil don't stock it (probably too expensive to sell).

The mobil representative indicated the new SL rated 15w-50 "will not be as good as" the old SJ rated for motorcycles, but didn't specify why. :)

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