Thanks for the info.

As far as the seat goes, I'll get the stock seat out tonight and see if I can detect which is softer. I'll let you know tomorrow.

The data sheet for Mobil 1 Motorcycle oil states: "All three Mobil 1 Motorcycle formulations are based on the same full-synthetic technology that is used in the Mobil 1 Automotive products and thus, provide the same wide range of performance benefits from normal to extreme operating conditions".

Now I'm sure MX4T is better then 15W-50, but is it 2 times better like it's cost is? I think not! :)

This is great and interesting info.

Using Spectro 4 for 1-1/2 years now. Changed every 100-150 miles. I ride club enduros and varied fast trail riding. I use the clutch often in tight sections and steep hills when needed, so I change oil fairly regularly. No oil related problems, and no additives whatsoever. Maybe I'm lucky, but this thing has been stone reliable for me despite minimal care and feeding. Knock on wood.


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