Broken clutch cover

Went riding the other day and decided to give my buddy a chance to ride a real bike. I started the WR for him and he started his bike for me. Well not being used to his bike, I flamed it out and couldnt get it started again. So he got off my bike and came over to help. This is where the day ended, as my bike must have been a little light on the kickstand and fell over. (while running) A rock about the size of your fist went thru the clutch cover. It happened to break two of the clutch spring legs on the clutch boss and of course the cover. My problem is this. I didnt realize that the bike was damaged when I picked it up,(I've crashed much harder than that) so I reached down and kicked her over. Well the sound of cluch springs thumping against the clutch cover quickly told me there was a problem, so I shut it off. Unfortunately there happens to be lots of little magnesium pieces everywhere. How do I ensure that these little pieces are not now scattered throughout my engine? I really dont want to tear the whole thing apart. Also, anyone have any recommendations on a replacement cover? I see the WR250 cover is about half the price of the 400 but would it fit? or should I go to an aluminum one?

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