Bored at work

Does anyone need a talented Network Specialist... IM am FREAKIN Bored where i work im looking to relocate anywhere in so cal or pheonix for a job that will keep me busy and learning new things.. If u can help i got 5 gal of race gas for ya..

Hang in there Brother, I manage several Lans and a boat load of remotes, and everything is slow. Almost everybody I know in the Networking arena is in the same situation, even the desktop break-fix guys are begining to resemble the Maytag Repairman....Things will pick up, everything runs in cycles in the IT Community...

Most of us are using this lull in the action to work on the latest certifications...If you need some training material PM me and I'll give you my business e-mail address.


Bonzai :)

WHERE ARE THE STUPID USERS WE BITCH ABOUT ALL THE TIME... Did they suddenly get smarter or do we have to wait for a new generation of retards..

Same boat as you guys. I'm a desktop fix-it guy, who also manages the LAN, servers, applications, and everything else that uses electricity...

I use the down time to develop cool graphics for TT members...LOL



PM me with an e-mail address, so I can send you some material. Your TT account isn't accepting any messages.

Bonzai :)

we could be out digging ditches or something :)

I like these slow times they make up for the

hairy stressfull times when a new Security Patch

must be ditrbuted by a certain time or the "General" will come a callin.

For years we screamed to the gobment about security..... Now thanks to 911 it gets real

exciting around here.

i usually get the phone calls this dont work taht dont work cuz i got craploads of retards for users on my network... now its like ok we finally fired all the incompetint ones... cool but what the hell do i do with my time now... so i just sit and talk bout my bike and the desert and glamis and all that fun stuff ya know.... I want to make it to a job maybe installing networks or troubleshooting them or something to give me something to do even if its digging ditches on the side man... i hate bieng bored


Have your freind check out the "Computer Jobs Store"

During the past year most of the "Paper Tigers" or "Paper MCSE's" have been weeded out, Engineers and Technicians with solid backgrounds and experience are still in demand.

It looks like the end of the down turn is in site now that the majority of those phoney bologna internet startups and fake companies are almost completely gone.

The good news is that it's been 3 complete hardware cycles and 2 Operating System cycles since the Y2K upgrades. This summer and Fall companies are going to start replacing their out of date hardware and upgrade their operating systems. That's going to mean jobs for qualified Technicians and Engineers.

Good luck to your friend...

Bonzai :)

ITS About time... i got 8 years under me and im only 20 go finger... but its fun. I started at a local shop when i was tweleve then moved my way up to the bank where i have been for a while... YAY huh... as soon as i graduated i got my full time job with the credit union.. now im bored cuz everything runs right... something has got to be wrong cuz microsoft stuff never runs right.. where did i screw up...

what is it about banks ?!?!?!?

they always hire the youngest not very

computer literate people to run the computer/network systems.

Nothing against you but I wanted to reach through

the phone an kill a computer guy from my bank the other day. :)

Nothing against you ISBB I promise.

I worked at a help desk for a major bank before my current gig. I can without a doubt say that bank employees are the dumbest users on the planet. Makes me scared to keep my money in the bank, so I just spend it all on bike stuff...LOL

me "Ok, can you reboot your computer for me?"

user "I rebooted it 3 times already, but the same screen just keeps appearing! I'm so tired of dealing with you people, can you just send someone out to fix it?"

me "Ma'am, the computer is not the "T.V." thing, it is the box on the floor...." MAN!!!!!


U nailed it man

and actually im not tooo bad off... Im in the process of my CCNA and MCP gonna get my MCSE shortly.. already have a+ and net+ and a HTCIA cert for security...

and yes the users here are FREAKIN MORONS....

ME "how can i help U"

User "how do i do this"

me "explains it to her"

10 min later


User "i forgot how to do it can u show me again"

ME- biting my lip and help her then when she gets off the phone.. then start cussin and screamin and kickin crap down the hallway muttering stupid users..

Ben, check your e-mail

Can you gus help me?

I can't find the "any" key to press on my keyboard to continue????

haha WrMike :)

Always heard that one but never had any user

ask me that.

I have a friend that does that stuff who needs a job, Global Crossing laid him off. Any one have any leads in the Denver area?

Hey, I feel for ya ISBB, got my CCNA last December. Guess what, I'm still doing settlement for a start up company that seems to be going no where.

I really love to work with networks, got a real nice one in my house, but I can only do so much with it. Sometimes end up "breaking" it, just so I can re-fix it, now that is pathetic.

Hey Mike Olichney, don't know if you remember talking with me last June'ish, was one of those guys who bought a bike from CO Powersports that wouldn't make it around the block on a plug. I'll let you know if I happen to stumble upon a couple networking jobs around Boulder here.

Let's see if we can get us poor, network literate, motoriders some jobs!!


Dodger :):D


you know, your signature line is starting to get out of control. Pretty soon you're gonna have to attach a *.zip file...

I got the emails. Thanks so much. Let me know if you have more great info like that to pass along.


Just added another two toys to ol blue tonight...Updated Signature....

Bonzai :)

Yesterday, not even 5 minutes apart from each other, I had 2 users come and ask me to make floppy's for them.

The first originally wanted me to burn a CD for them for a file only 56k in size. Funny thing was, they were in a real hurry and "didn't have time for me to show them how to burn a CD."

The next just wanted me to make a copy of an existing floppy. She was frantic because she didn't have access to her bosses computer where the original floppy in her hand had been made. I just looked at her puzzled and told her, "I'm sorry but I don't understand the problem." Then showed her how simple it really is to make a copy of a floppy...

These are the morons that keep us employed.


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