Bored at work

I used to contract at Sprint in Florida, did software distribution and level III helpdesk.

We had an office of about 30 users that had their monitors replaced due to unknown failures. After the 20th monitor failing, we found the culprit. Turned out the monitors were a great heating element for making toast. After enough crumbs dropping into there, short circuit city!

Flame On: From a moron.....I do kind of get p'd off when I know more about how to fix a problem than the so called professional help desk guys who often times don't listen to what users problems really are, just assume it must be the first thing that comes into their head, and proceed to screw just about everything they lay their mouse pointer on. Lets have a show of hands for all those who have been screwed by the so called geeks! Flame off!!! :)

Please keep in mind that helpdesk employees are at the very bottom of the IT food chain. Their experience is limited to screwing up their own home computers or reading a manual and therefore becoming the village idiot, I mean expert. Most (Not all) are wannabee's found under the bridges and overpasses of our major metro areas. They should be passing trouble tickets to qualified technician's in the field....But they just cannot resist the impulse to tinker (most of the time) at the clients expense.

They are the agents of Hanoi put in the mix to screw up your day!

They amuse me more than clients do.....

Bonzai :)

Where I work there is a central help desk that is actually more like a call center. They pretend to be techs that are able to help with major issues, but never really know how to fix them. They are glorified secretaries for field techs.

More times than not, I mention that I'm a field tech placing a service call for a user problem that is out of my area of expertise -- for example and enterprise software program that I never use. Everytime, they just create a trouble ticket, then sit on it for hours and sometimes days. So, I smartened up and began keeping a contact list of field techs that usually get assigned the trouble tickets. I now just call them directly to resolve issues.

Of course, my "favorite" users get the standard the help desk! LOL


Call Center....Another term for "Homeless Shelter"

Bonzai :)


I told my wife about you since she is a recruiter and she said she they are hiring for jobs in L.A.,the Inland Empire and in San Diego.If your serious you can e-mail her at

Her name is Sarah and her companys name is Finesse Personal in Riverside.

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