2001 WR426 Coolant Recovery Bottle ?

I recently picked up a nice 2001 WR426 that likes to spill some coolant when I am finished riding. My question, did all '01 wr426's come with a coolant recovery system from the factory? My parts manual shows it and I can see where it would mount. However, the bottle and hoses are non-existent. The overflow line comes directly out of the radiator and routes down the frame tube to spill on the ground.

I ride alot of tight singles that will definitely cause the bike to get warm. Should I be looking to reinstall the recovery bottle? I know it is a little extra weight, but it would be better than running to low on coolant.

The weight is really not an issue.

I never thought my recovery tank did anything until I removed it.

Same thing as you I ride a lot of tight single track and was losing coolant all the time.

Fortunatly I left all the tubing in place so reinsatalling the tank was a breeze.

Try to find one on ebay cheap.

Good luck,


it also helps to equalize pressure in the rad

if you ever get a full boil over you will wish u had it

i keep mine topped off now

last boil i had i only had to add 20 oz of water too bad it was my last water bottle i had

always the motto bike b4 self

yes the all WRs have coolant overflow from the factory. my 1998 (this was the first year modern WR, 400cc) had one and all 250 400 426 and 450 WRs.

YZs don't have it.

It mount under the rear fender on the left side on the sub frame.

It is a must have unless you ride motocross, or you never slowdown.

Keep in mind( with a filled radiator)when coolant gets hot it expands it needs to go somewhere. to the ground or to the overflow bottle.

When your bike cools coolant volume decrease, create negative pressure in the cooling system, and pulls in air or coolant from the reservoir.

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