anyone willing to send me a gas can?

Man, for California being the hot bed of MX, I sure would hate to live there.


What part of Ca do you live in? I know of a certain cycle gear shop which has several in stock. They even have the warning sticker for CA. I asked what was up with this to the counter guy and he said ya what can you do? I have many customers who need water bottles. LOL What a load of crap. Just have to have sister stores in different states I guess. PM me if you want to know which " cycle gear" shop I am speaking of.


I know your pain!!!!

I have been living in Texas for the last 3 years. About 5 months ago I moved my wife and kids to California. I'm following soon and have been spending a week a month there.

Last time I was there I realized I didn't have a gas can for the two-smoke weed eater so I wandered down to the hardware store. &%$#@!?? $15 for a fricken' gas can? And what the heck is the deal with this stupid contraption of a filler tube? The "no fume" filler tube was so difficult to deal with, I ended up just taking it off and filling my weed-eater using the ol' "point it at the open hole and only spill half of it" method.

The enviro-nazis have shot themselves in the foot because I spilled WAY more gas than I would have with the plain ol' filler tube style.

I will be in California next week. Maybe I should bring some extra gas cans and donate them to TT'ers at the local MX track.


I know they cater to us roadracing guys but they have what ya need.

BTW - since your in Cali...head out to Willow Springs for a roadrace and pick up as many cans as you need. You can even get them filled with some tasty VPracing fuel.

Hope this helps.


WA stsate isn't far behind you Cali. folks.......they tested my gas cap at my last vehicle emissions test.....I've had it man, MOVIN' TO IDAHO! :)

do you no why you cany buy that gas tank in calif.?it has nothing to do with the spout or is illegal to sell,use or tansport gas in a gastank over 5 gallons in calif.most of jerrycan style gascans you see for sale at accessory stores are 5.5gl. the 1\2 gallon extra is so you can add 2-stroke oil.

Contact Honda/Yamaha of North Hollywood (818) 766-6134. They have 4 of them in stock, I was by there today.



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