hey all, i'm thinking about waking up the bottem end on my 08 450, would a slip on muffler be good enough??, full systems are very costly , i'm a novice rider at our local track so it's not for race purpose.

what type has been proven also

thanks guys

What are you riding exactly? Check this site out: www.mrd-racing.com

He's got a system for the 450 if that's what you're on and his warranty is unmatched. For the price, it's almost what you'll pay for a slip on from most manufacturers and he will talk with you and tune it as you like.


or you can also bump up the rear sprocket a tooth or two.. helped on my 07 untill i picked up a ti-4

See if you can find someone willing to sell their 07 stock exhaust. The muffler bolts right up and makes a big difference.

I have an 08, and I put on a FMF 4.1 Ti slip on with the ti mid-pipe. Not only does it wake up the bottom and mid it remains very smooth and linear. Down the road, if I wanna add a the header it bolts right on. Not to mention, it sounds really cool.

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