76 gas station offering 100 octane fuel!

My friend just called and he said that accross the street from his house the 76 gas station offers 100 octane racing fuel. Will the 100 octane harm or increase the power of a WR? Is it ok to use 100 octane fuel. I have not tried it yet but i'm going to be putting a couple gallons into my car.


Whoa... easy turbo! :)

76 Unocal offers 110 racing fuel that is LEADED. You might really mess up the car exhaust if you put that in there.

I've run the 76 Unocal 110 in my bike (wr250f), you have to jet leaner for it to get any power gains. My experience is that its easier to run super 92 at the pump. Don't waste the money on race fuel unless your bike has been modified.

Its at a gas station so im assuming its for cars right? Or else they wouldnt sell it, right? My car requires preminum fuel only. But I've been mostly putting regular in. 100 octane i dont think is enough to harm a car engine. I was in europe and gas stations there only have 100+ octane. Small two cylinder cars where filling up with 100+ octane. I dont know if the 76 gas station 100 octane gas is leaded or unleaded?


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If you need to run the so called race gas, then you need to re-jet your bike properly...

The use of leaded fuel in your bike is NOT recommended. (there is a current post on the 250 forum where I go into more details) and as for your car, well, if it is designed for unleaded, it should only use unleaded.

You are just wasting your money and the environment if you do otherwise. If your car has catalytic convertors, then you will just ruin those and they are expensive to replace, and if you live in a state that has emissions testing, you WILL fail your next checkup.

Don't you guys in the US have smaller nozzles and matching smaller filler necks on the car for the unleaded fuel - so you cannot put a leaded filler nozzle into your car?

Premium pump gas is fine.

BTW, they measure Octane in Europe differently, so it is not the same as you might otherwise think. There is RON, and MON, and they are different scales.



We have gas stations selling 100 octane, but they wont let you put it in a car, only in a can.

I was told by a car dealer that if you put higher octane gas in your car that your car computer will adjust for the higher octane.

But if you go back to lower octane it wiil not

readjust. My car runs on 87 oct. and thats all it gets.


Our advertised pump octane is (RON + MON)/2

FYI: I run Sunoco Purple 110 oct. $3.89 gal.

( 105 MON, 115 RON )in my YZ426, Bike runs cooler and better throttle response



you are wasting your $$ sticking that stuff in your car...

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