Slip on for a 426?

Who makes a good slip on aftermarket performance pipe for the yz426? I get Parts unlimited at cost so I would prefer if it was a parts unlimited brand. I looked at the GTYR pipe but its a lil pricy.

Looks like I can get a pro moto billet end cap for around 110 and a FMF T-4 for just over 200. Any of these good?

Are you riding closed course or public lands; and do you have noise restrictions in Michigan? The T-4 is a great unit, but here in CA the rangers will swarm if you try riding it off road.

Drd? always have had good results witht them

I bought the GTYR header pipe for 100.00, And pro moto billet end cap with great results mid to high you will have change your main jet to a 168.

Well I can get yamaha at cost also. sooo...Im thinking pro moto billet end cap, GTYR header pipe, and 168 jet. I can get that for the same price of just an fmf pipe.

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