Do you keep old Dirt Rider Mags?

I need your help. A few months ago Dirt Rider had a product in their new products section that I need, but I tossed out the issue. The product I am looking for is a rack that mounts on the front rail of a truck bed that holds your motorcycles secure. I think it is called a bed buddy, or bike buddy. ??

I had made a custom one of these many years ago, but left it on the truck I just traded in for a new truck. The old rack would not have fit my new truck, so I let it go. Now I need a new rack, and I remember this one I am looking for was pretty trick.

Does anyone have the info (phone number) for this product? If you could look it up I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


I've got 4 or 5 of the last issues in my Race Trailer, I will look for you and let you know. Got any idea of which month?


Bonzai :)

I think you talking about the ATK Bike Shoe Wheel Chock. Go to this link in Chaparral and do a search on "wheel chock".

I'm not sure of the month, definitely within the last six issues. Not the ATK shoe, but a "rack" that mounts flush with the front rail of the bed with anchors for tie downs and "slots" for the front tire(s).

You know how it goes, you set aside the mag knowing you will need it soon, that special place where you wont lose it. When you need it its long gone. Its probably with all those socks that went AWOL in the dryer and my car keys I lost last year.

Thanks guys.

Now I wish I still had the old homemade rack thingy. Anyone have a fab shop and want to invent-sell these things?

This one looks good:

The sampson one looks close, but I think there is another one out there somewhere...

Ooohhh! That is cool. Sorry about the wheel shoe. I just recently met a guy who has two of those ATKs bolted into the bed of his truck. The ties downs are'nt even compressing his forks. Just uses them to keep the bike from rolling back. But I like this thing better. Don't need it, but I like it.

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Ron, I went through the last 5 months and could only find reference to the one that Bill posted.


Bonzai :)

ron look in cycle news may 15,2002. page 88. hope this helps.

I think the Sampson rack that Bill pointed out is the one. I will post my experience once I purchase a rack so others can benefit.

These things are a good idea for truck haulers because they keep the tied down bikes from crushing the front rail of the bed, keeping it from rubbing the cab. It is also a safer for the motorcycles too.

Thanks guys!

i know what you're talking about, i wish to purchase one myself once i get a truck. if by the time i get home no one has found it i will find my dirtrider that has it in the back and tell you what it is

well, sorry, but i left it at school. :) when i get to school tomorrow ill get on a computer and reply. or i could just tell you whos on the cover so someone can look for it. bubba stewarts on the cover whippin it and its the one where dubach teaches us how to ride a fourstroke and how to make us better fourstroke riders.

how bout i just shut up before i make a bigger ass of myself :) i looked all over my house and the one at school isn't the right one either, but i do know what you're talking about. i hope i can find it because i want one too


Please do not shut up and thanks for looking. :)

I will keep on this and let you know what I find.

if you find it, get at me....i KNOW i have it somewhere, i will search everywhere today when i get home

well now that i re read all the posts, it seems that i'm wrong in "knowing" what you're talking about. I found the dirt rider i was looking for and its the pro rack just like you posted earlier, ron.

about that samson one, i cant find it on that site, can someone point me in the right direction?

The Samson looks very similar to the one I made many years ago but just left on the truck I traded in. If anything I should have kept it for a prototype. It was strong and easy to make, and it looked good too. The material cost me under $15 to make. Six foot of 1.5 inch square tube, a few miter cuts and welds, a few holes, and viola.

Here is a drawing of the Samson:


I know there is another one out there still (BedBuddy). I am still looking for the info and will share what I find...

google is a wonderful thing.. Is this the one?

CCR Bed Buddy.. tested in 3/01 MXA... go here:

Or, just search google using bed buddy ...

Hope that helps...


I swear I have been searching for this using Google. Always got lots of hits, but nothing motorcycle related. You would be surprised at the junk you can find using Bed Buddy for a search phrase. :)

This was the first time moto related items came up. Weird. I just order the MXA 03/01 back issue where they tested this product. Once I get the issue I will post what I find here at TT. I hope this company is still around. I am sure it was in Dirt Rider recently too.

Thanks MerfMan!

The back issue of Motocross Action showed up today, and sure enough, there it is. The cost for one of these things is $139.95 for a mini truck, or $149.95 for a full size pickup. This is very similar to the one I made before with the tie down loops and wheel slots.

Here is a quicky scan from the mag:


CCR Sports Bed Buddy

(626) 695-1218

No address info in the mag.

Installation tip: Use a strip of 1.5 inch wide weather stripping as a kind of gasket between the bed rail and the motorcycle rack. It looks trick, reduces squeaks, and saves your bed from rusting.


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