shop cabinets - recommendations?

It's time for me to get started setting up the garage in our new house. It's a two car attached garage - the second story bedrooms are over the garage.

Anybody got any recommendations on particular brands of cabinets? I need floor to ceiling storage cabinets, wall cabinets for over the workbench, base cabinets with good/solid tops for a workbench & I'd really like something that has sliding trays like you see in kitchens now.




Good job buddy, I was just going to post this question. Our house will be done in April and I want to figure out what this will cost before the wife does :)

I'm going to make my own work bench, 4x4 legs daidoed (sp?) to accept 2x4 bracing and a shelf about a foot off the floor. I'll use a solid core, wood door for the top. I had one like this in a previous shop and it works great and can't be beaten. I also mounted a 2x4 on the wall parallel to the bench, so the bottom of the top brace can rest on it. Then I screwed all of this into the wall. It was super strong and when sawing something in the vise, no movement.

I would love to have matching cabinets for the shop, but may have to buy some as salvage from a re-model or something.

Help us out guys.



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I installed eight overhead two door cabinets made by Mills Pride about a year ago. They have been super durable and still look really good. I picked them up from Home Depot fot about $45 each. They went together easily and I had no problem installing them by myself using a floor jack to hold them in position while attaching them to the wall. Check out for more info. I am sure there are other brands out there that are just as good quality, so shop around.

Having a small garage, I made a set of shelves that start at just over handlebar height so that I can tuck my bikes under them. Used 2x4, 4x4 and 3/4" plywood.

Made a workbench out of 4x4s and glulams (sp?) I used 2 2'x5' glulams as the work surface.

Rented a house once where the old metal kitchen cabinets were used in the garage. Counter top was wood and it made a good low cost work surface.

I bought a lab table from a surplus furniture dealer. It's frame is made of 2" powder coated tube steel and has an 1-1/2" solid top with a white laminate cover. This is a commercial grade bench. I've had it for so long I can't remember exactly what I payed for it (I think around $180). It will take some leg work on your part but I think you'll find it well worth it.

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