Pipe Build Quality

I am looking for some experience on the build quality of two manufacturers. Big Gun and FMF.

Not on the power, or stuff like that, but on the fit, finish, weld quality and durability.

I am looking at a pipe for a TTR-90, and they are the two choices I have, so basically it comes down to the best quality one.



:) David, I've just done the rounds looking at pipes for my bike and the general consensus on here, and my own opinion when I finally saw one in the flesh was that the FMF pipes are of alesser build quality,certainly less than I wanted on my bike especially given the price :D

I cant speak for Big Gun, but I havn't seen a bad post about them :D

:) OK ...so now I've seen a bad post about Big Gun LOL! :D

Yes, there are a couple of others out there, but not avaialbale locally as far as I know.. Powroll do one as well, but the ship one over here makes it $100Au more expensive... it is only a kids trailbike after all... I have to draw up a budget for it. Now, my bike is a potential works machine and gets a bigger budget, but not the TTR - might as well put the money aside into the "KTM 65SX for xmas" fund !!!



I have seen both the big gun and the FMF self destructed blown apart...

I would bet Big Gun has better service.

I would decide based on customer service.

Call them both and whoever feels better, BUY!

Dunno wether they make one for that bike, but being your in oz, check out our own products,

TK sports, made by aussie mufflers, good looker and good performer.

I hadn't seen a local one for the TTR-90... I would be interested if there was... Certainly StainTune don't do one...

I will look into it further...

TRhe problem is that I am dealing with the local distributors, through the local dealer... two variables that may offer no reflection on the real customer service from the manufacturer. The distributor may be in it only for the money, and well, dealers are dealers... need I say more...


I have only owned one FMF thumper pipe, the "Q", and it fell apart. A friend of mine has a Power Core or something like that and I don't think it compares favorably to any of the White Brothers I have seen, which appear to have a sturdier mounting system.

I have a Pro Circuit T4 that may be the most durable part on the bike, but the header is very high and hits the petcock on my Acerbis tank.

The one Big Gun I have dealt with was for my pal's 520 EXC, and if it were mine I would be raising a lot of hell with Big Gun. Why? Well, because the KTM has two head pipes and on this $650 system they are not parellel, that is the two headers don't line up, and since they go into one larger tube fairly soon you can't bend them back into place.

Result: Exhaust leak and very loud and obnoxious (and potentially harmful) popping on decel. Add to that the unwillingness of Big Gun to believe that it was an exhaust leak that was causing the problem. A bit arrogant IMO. They have no idea how to jet a thumper either, based on what they were telling me. Morons.

But I digress....

I know this doesn't help, but that is my limited experience w/ FMF and Big Gun. And it ain't good.

Doesn't BBR make a pipe for that TTR???

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