bent subframe back, not sure if i got it right.

i crashed a few weeks ago and messed up my exhaust and sub frame bad. i bought a new fmf exhaust but i want to make sure i have my subframe straight before i go and mess up my nice new pipe. i bent the subframe back to where it looks like the exhaust wont rub on the tire but its cutting it close. if someone could take a picture of the back of there bike that would be awesome. its a 2006 yz450f.

thanks allot,

mike :eek:

I would think if your fender centers nicely over the rear tire you are in pretty good shape.

If you want to be absolutely sure, unbolt (lower bolt ) the shock from the linkage and move the swing arm/tire through it's entire range of motion to see if you have any rubbing.

thanks ill give that a try

Just a word to the wise. Bending aluminum weakens it. Straightening it without proper heat treating weakens it further. Do not be surprised if a mnor fall bends it again. Each time it gets bent, it gets weaker.

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