Land Use Rights Action


It's time to stop stupid land-closure legislation in its tracks! We are citizens and we are being shut out of the process!

It takes an organized effort, lots of money, and political clout to get action around here. This is the political clout part.

A proposal: If each of us puts 100 names on a group list of our friends, neighbors, and riders who don't frequent TT, we could very quickly get the word out to 50,000-100,000 people who will choose our side when they know the facts. We can almost instantly flood lawmakers' offices with opposing opinions on any stupid legislation that further erodes our rights. We could instantly voice our support for those who further our cause, head off the lies and deceit used by the other side to sway uninformed voters, and it will take only minutes a week. Just pass on the alerts and ask for each person's help. Every one of us can post an alert. Every one of us can reach at least 100 people who are not helping us right now, but will when properly informed. It's time we ALL did something to force the issue to our side. It's hard to beat sheer brute force! If we stick together as never before, we can help our own cause.

I have and I use my 100 names regularly. Do you have yours?


Dan, great idea. ThumperTalk is a good place to start. We have hundreds of people right here. Lets ask the owners to create a land use forum. Bryan has already expressed interest in the idea. You are right! Everyone needs to join Blue Ribbon and the other organizations that are fighting for us. Ultimately, this is a numbers game. We are few but, don't really rally all the resources we have. I could be wrong but, I think it is really a small number of riders who frequent Motorcycle forums like this. ThumperTalk automatically excludes thousands of people who ride two strokes. Somehow, we need to rally everyone who rides and is a stake holder. I don't know all the answers but you can count on me to do anything I can to help. Thanks, Paul

I like that Huxley quote, Paul...

As popular as dirt bike/ATV/snowmobile sales are, the time is fast approaching (past?) where the manufacturers will realize the decline in sales due to no place to ride. Why do they ignore that fact?

They could do a lot to help us and themselves... :)

A membership to BRC or something like it should be included automatically with the purchase of bike/atv/snowmobile, etc. That way the end user gets introduced to the facts about their sport, raising awarness to current situations and is more likely to retain/gain members who will be politically active, vote, write letters, donate cash.


Many of the dealers in this area were doing that at one time. Don't know why it seemed to die off. I guess there has to be some immediate benefit for them to continue. Any ideas?


PS: Paul, yeah, we have many members, I think over 12,000 now. Maybe half are outside the US who don't have a dog in the fight yet. So out of the 6000 or so stateside guys, maybe 25% are regulars???? I don't know. That's 1500 or so. If each one of us sends to 100 people, that's 150,000 people who will get our message. That's plenty if they are inclined to help. If we can get this posted in a few other forums as well, it might tend to unify us more. The ARRA and BRC alerts are a great source, and there are others as well.

Great idea Dan, and it will work even better if some of those email addresses are those of newsgroups or distribution lists. I know that there are a few like, RidenetL, and SoCalDualSport that will hit thousands of folks just with 3 emails sent.

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