'03 450 hot cams Exhaust in my '02 426

I saw that a bunch of you guys have been putting an '03 exhaust cam in your 426's and I was wondering if I could put 450 hot cams in my '02 yz 426? Thanks.

Hot Cams doesn't recommend it...I'm not sure why you would want to anyway, as they make a cam for the 426 (that works bitchin')

Frankly, I wouldn't either. First, there's no point in it, since Hot Cams makes AD cams specific to the 426.

Second, it is known that the OEM 450 grind works in the 426, but not that the Hot Cams 450 grind will, or that their decompression timing will work out, and if they recommend against it, it's a risky bet.

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