been to baja, anyone?

I am planning a trip to Baja next this coming up March. I would like to take a poll of those who have been, and see the tires that have been used. I have been told to use the Pirelli MT 21, the Dunlop 606 and the 739 AT Desert, the Michelin Baja Dot approved. I guess what I am looking for is the stories to back them up! I also will be running Bridgestone ultra heavy duty tubes. They are the thickest thing around. :)

I like the Dunlop D606 much better than the Pirelli MT 21. The reason is better control when starting a slide with the Dunlop.

I have no experience with the Michelin Baja tire.

I have run both the Pirelli MT21 and the Dunlop 739 and I personally like the Dunlops better. The hook up better in the sand and rocks. The Pirellis are good but just not aggressive enough.

dukeboy How many days will you ride with same tire?

If you'd like to ride over 3days with same tire, go Pirelli.

If you are an extreme rider, go Dunlop739AT with spare tire.

We are leaving San Felipe and going 1000 miles to La Paz, and then a 1000 miles back up the west side to the top.The guys that we are going with have been doing it for the last 16 years, and they usually change tires in La Paz anyway. So the total one way on the tire would be about a 1000 miles. :)

It sounds great ! I'd like to go with you!

I've been there 5-times for the racing and 2nd times for the riding.

When I go there for just ridding, I'll choise Pirelli.

It has less grip but has durability.

I think you need two for front and 3 or 4 for rear including spare.

I think the best is Michelin Desert if you can get.

Anyway there is beautiful and nice place.

Have fun!


How many days are you going to take to do this trip? That sounds like an awesome trip. Have you mapped your route out yet?

Sounds like an awesome trip. Does this group use a chase vehicle?

Where in WA are you located?

The guys that we are going with have been doing this trip for the last 17 years. They really seem to have there [censored] together. Man do they have some stories!There is no chase vehicle.The total time of riding is about 14 days.It should be a blast. I have my 03' WR 450 on order and hopefully will receive it in January. I have talked to Clarke about a tank for it and they said that it shouldn't be a problem to get one before the trip in March. But we'll see.The only bummer about the trip is that my 03' will have 2000 miles on it, and it won't even be 4 months old! :)

I did Baja Last December. We went from Ensenada to San Felipe to Mike's sky Ranch to Tacate. The brand new tires on the bikes were toast by the time we finnished. Not one set was DOT but all were differant brands. I asked the guide about this and he said DOT tires work well but really don't last much longer.

Taking into consideration the amount of days, support, and type of terrain you're you're riding....


The Dunlop 606 would be a good choice. Just be sure you get used to it before going on the trip. They slide a lot and can take some getting used to. Another good one would be a Dunlop 139. They are really tough. Side knobs will probably start peeling off around half way depending on how you're riding.

The MT21 is also a decent choice, I just personaly don't like the way they work. The mt18 (I'm drawing a blank right now, I think that's the model) is a good tire, and like the 139 you might have the side knobs peeling off by La Paz.

All of those tires (606, 139 & 18) offer good flat protection. I'd do a Tech Tube (solid insert) in the front too. It's just so much easier when you don't have a support truck (unlimited amounts of tubes) to go solid in the front.


The 739 AT Desert is great protection, lasts fair, and works decnt. If you run it use the 120 size.

The Michelin Baja I wouldn't run unless you try one out first. They last forever but are a pretty big tire and are pretty slippery. Then again, it's Baja and there's no traction anyway!

A 606 will be good and last longer than a 739AT. It's easier to make go flat.

A Bridgestone m78 is a really good choice too. They work decent and last a really long time.

My personal choice would be a 606 on the front with a solid tube and a 739AT (120 size) on the rear.

There is a little bike parts shop in La Paz and he usually has a few 739AT tires in stock and some good fronts.

There is also a guy in San Ignacio who has tires (new and used) and new tubes (along with other misc. parts). Your buddies should know about him already.

Tim Morton

I run the 606 in the rear and get lots of miles from them. I do not like the 606 front. I rode with one once and took it off the threw it in the trash. The 739 is a good long lasting choice.

Sounds like fun!

I've only used 739s in Baja with good results. I've now gone to the 739AT (should be more flat resistant), but haven't been to Baja with them.

If you're going without a chase vehicle, what's your plan for carring tires?

Be sure to stop in Gonzaga Bay. About 100 mi. south of San Felipe.

Alfonsina's Resort

Good food, Cold cerveza!

Alfonsina's Resort - Good food, Cold cerveza!

Exactly! Absolutely incredible food. If you don't make it there you're really missing out!

MjLang - Oh yeah, I know others who've tossed the 606 front in the trash. That's why I told "dukeboy" to try it before heading south. It's a tough tire but you gotta get used to how it slides. I'm simply making suggestions on what I feel are his best tire combos considering the length of his trip, the type of riding, and the fact they won't have spare tires and tubes at their disposal (no support truck).


The 606 front scared the hell outa me the first ride. I was riding behind Del Mar for an hour and when I tipped the bike at about 40, it started to go down... There's no warning when its gonna let loose.

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