426 starts hard


I've got a 2002 426 with HotCams exhaust cam with AD. Problem is starting the bike when cold. Procedure : Pull choke, give 2 (max3) full throttle, kick. Bike starts but stalls after 1-2 seconds, procedure again, starts, stalls after couple seconds. Basically I have to "start it" 3 or 4 times before it will idle normally.

This happens only when I don't ride for a couple of days, starting when hot or after resting is no problem, starts on first kick.

Any ideas?


Try starting it without the choke on.

The whole point of twisting the throttle is to get the accelerator pump to squirt some fuel into the engine. When you twist the throttle prior to starting a cold engine, try holding it for a second or two to ensure the AP has time to deliver the fuel.

A few times I have experienced the symptoms you described. After taking the throttle cable cover off my carb, I realized the AP linkage doesn't move as freely as it should. I'm due for a thorough carb cleaning anyway, and this is something I'll be focusing on.

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