does hand engraving on the barrell/head mean anything??

i bought my bike about 6 months ago without knowing any history and was just wondering if this engraving on the barrell/head could tell me anything?? is it standard practice by service departments or what???

piston swap?? valve job??

It's not standard, but it is frequently done by repair and especially machine shops to help identify the part separate from its paperwork, or to indicate externally that they once worked on it. It could mean anything from a simple reconditioning to major repair work or modifications.

Some tuners engrave their name into the head after they modify it, it could be a modified head.

What does it say? Got any pics?

ya a pic would help

its hard to take a pic where it is behind the carb but it says: 2ZJ3 and its written on the head. im sure there was something written on the barrell to but i cant find it now that the engine is in.

could be ported polished or big bore

I also have some scribbling on my 426 cylinder. I'll try to snap a pic this weekend if I remember.

Both my barrel and head have some etched numbers on them...the barrel from Luke's Racing, initials, month and year (not sure if it was Luke's or the bore and plate house that did it) and the head from Eric Gorr, with Eric's initials and the month and year he did the port work and valve grind.

Mine has the same sorta deal on it. There is 1 set of 5 or 6 numbers and another set of 4 I think. Looks like a 4 year old wrote it LOL.

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