how do you tell the difference 250 450

The head and radiators are smaller on a 250F. For the Yamaha's I always look at the waterpump, they are very different looking on the outside. If it is an aluminum framed YZ then the 450 has the oil tank build into the engine with the dipstick in front of the cylinder and the 250F has an external oil tank in front of the engine (if it hasn't been removed).

exactly same things i look at. cant always tell by a tire. my 450 has a 110 out back and i also put a 110 on my old rmz250...

Forsure the water pump is the way to tell. I have one of each and never noticed. Way differend.

If you open the 250 and 450 pix, full screen and toggle between them, pretty cool, there is a lot more open area on the 250. You can see about twice the light coming though.

how do you tell the difference between a yz250f and yz450f??? i know with 2 strokes the pipe and jug is bigger but how do you know if just looking at them???? a guy where i ride says hes on a yz250f but i think hes lieing how can i know what it is??? or even on like kx's, cr's and rm???:p

The 450 is the one in front :thumbsup:

Like he says. And by the way the 450 wheelies away in fourth and fifth.

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