Installing Graphics kit

Anyone have any tips on installing a graphics kit. I have a tank and shroud sticker that I am gonna attempt to put on my bike. Should I scuff the plastic? I really don't want to do that but I heard that it makes it stick better. I have also heard that if you spray the plastic with Windex then apply the sticker you can move it around a little to get is set right where you want it. After the Windex dries the sticker wont move. Anyone ever try this?

Use weak washing up liquid/water mix in a trigger spray. Allows the sticker to be moved about & lets you squash out the air bubbles.

There was a good post some months back - do a search!!

I've had my best experience using CRC contact cleaner on the plastic. It removes any oils. You might want to have a hair dryer at the ready to coax the sticker over any bends that it doesn't want to stay down on. This is the same technique that a pro MX tuner I know uses. Good luck. tf

You don't have to get fancy to do this particular job....Just make sure the surface is clean after you rip off the old graphics.You can use water or a spray bottle of windex to wet the surface of the tank and lightly coat the back of the graphic (Creates a barrier between the surfaces making it easy to move around) Once you get it where you want it take out a credit card and gently work the water (or Windex) out from between the graphic and the Tank or shroud and ...Your done. Wait 24 hours for the graphic to dry and then ROOST ON!

I personally use a bottle of windex (Even for my fender stickers) I find that when it dries it seems to adhere better.

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

Can one of you kind chaps explain to a simple Brit what on Earth "Windex" is?

And what is it's normal use?

Windex is glass cleaner, here's the web page

A windex web site....Gotta Love it....

Bonzai :)

Just put a set on a KDX today. I've already done my own plus about 5 other bikes this year. Windex works great, but alcohol (rubbing alcohol)in a spray bottle along with the credit card trick works even better. Always use a blow dryer and have alot of patience. Use a straight razor to trim everything up. GOOD LUCK.

Thanks, there are similar products in UK.

Love the website!! Checked out the "real life stories" section for decal stories LOL!!

, but alcohol (rubbing alcohol)in a spray bottle along with the credit card trick works even better.

How much water to alcohol?

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