'08 wr450f throttle stop screw


Just bought an '08 wr450. Never had a real dirt bike, my other bike is a Harley SuperGlide. Really looking forward to hitting the trails.

The question - I want to get this engine 'uncorked'. I've got it taken down in the garage. I can't find the throttle stop screw!!! I've got the grey wire ready to be 'cut'. This carb seems to be a different set-up than earlier years 'duh'. I've been through the manual - didn't help. The only screw I find near the throttle links seems to be an idle adjustment screw. I don't want to mess up the carb with 'newbie' left thumbs. Any help or picture?


It's over by the throttle cable attach point. On the upper right hand corner of the carb looking at it from the back. All you can see is the head and its pointing up. Once you get it out look up the measurement somewhere here, I think it's 22 mm but I forget, and hack saw it off in a vice. Put it back in and you've got full throttle.



It's the screw that runs north /south upper left side of the pic.

Thanks Todd

Think I found it. and I stripped it!! used a standard allen head, argh! but tomorrow it'll be all good


That's the one!!



Everything's metric here.


There you go todhog, Harleys are American and all standard and your new dirtbike is Japanese and all metric, you get to buy some new tools. :eek: WR Dave.

Obviously you have never owned a Harley. There's lots of metric fasteners on them now. Luckily I got all the metric stuff when I had a BMW. Came in handy with this bike.


You probably did not strip it. It is held in with loctite and is stiff to remove.

I am sure you have read the threads on all the mods.....my .02 cents, is not to "CUT" the grey wire, take your time and remove it from the plug, that way you can rehook it IF you ever want to....try to do the same with all the mods......good luck and watch that front brake thingy in the dirt.......night and day diff from the street...good luck

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