helmet cam help

i did a search on this but came up short. it seems like a lot of guys are using canon zr 40,45,50 camcorders. my ? is do you carry the remote with you? the only way i can get it to work is with the remote. or do you use a lanc control?



I talked to a gentleman at action adventure cameras and he told me that with the new canon cameras you have to use the remote to start it recording or you can get a LANC remote. His company sells them for 99 bucks. I can't remember the website. Do a search on helmet camera, there was a big post on them about a month ago.

I found the website. actionadventurecameras.com


Helmetcamera.com is selling the lanc remote for 59.00 but the shipping is 15.00. Make sure if you order from them that your order is clear because they have sent me more than I ordered. I'm currentley trying to straighten it out with them. I have the lanc remote and it is the way to go. For all day riding I'm planning on installing a switch to power on and off for the helmet battery. Hope this helps. I do enjoy the video I have of some auesome single tracks in Baja


thanks i got the lanc from viosport.com. it works great :)


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