how much exhaust or air should you feel out bypass

on a 450f how much air or exhaust should come out of the black hose on the left bottom of the bike? i didnt think any but theres alot

That sounds normal to me, it will basically blow 450 cc's of air out every time the piston goes down and suck 450cc's when the piston goes up. It's the crankcase breather hose. The air moved on the bottom side of the piston has to go somewhere, and this is where it goes.

At an idle, there will be quite a bit of air movement, and it will seem like less as the engine speed picks up.

A 450 is called that because the top of the piston displaces 450cc of air as it moves up from BDC to TDC. But the bottom of the piston displaces the same volume of air as it moves down from TDC to BDC, and that is most of what you feel at the end of the breather. Something less than 450cc of air will pulse in and out if the engine is turning slowly enough. At higher speeds, the piston reverses directions too often to move that much air before the pressure reverses.

Additionally, the rings, even healthy rings, leak. Not much, but some combustion gas inevitably ends up in the crankcase and must be vented off in order to prevent a pressure buildup that would push seals out. This is the real reason the breather has to be there.

What would be abnormal is for there to be a distinct puff of smoke from the breather each time the throttle was opened. Otherwise, the breather should breathe.

My 06 450 also blows a lot of air out while idling. I noticed it blowing weeds on the ground one day. If i could just figure out how to make it blow ...

ok thanks, i was not sure if any big problems or normal. i know some gets by the rings but just way more coming out of it than like on any car i owned.

... way more coming out of it than like on any car i owned.
Any car you ever owned would have had a piston moving up the bore while the opposing piston moved down the bore. That cancels the pulsing you get with singles, 360 degree twins, a single crankpin V-Twins

You will feel some pressure coming out of that hose. Its normal. That is a vent coming out of the Head cover.

You may want to reroute it if you do a lot of trail riding and water crossings.

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