06 450 hot in the woods

any one know where you can get one of those trick catch cans for the radiator?

any other ideas to keep it cool?

The cooling system is stock with engine Ice. I ride in florida

I had the same problem....Boiling Engine Ice :eek:

Zip Ty Racing coolant.....Problem Solved:thumbsup:

thanks i will give that a shot

There is a company that is listed in MXA this mo. that makes these and sells them - made in canada

I purchased a used raptor coolant catch bottle on E-bay complete with the 2 hoses for about $25 and rigged it up to fit on my 05. I used to have the turkey baster mod on there but that only held about 2 oz of fluid and it would boil out of that.

Try a 1.6 radiator cap off a Kawi or one from Outlaw.

go your yammy dealer and order one off a WR , thats what i did, rigged some hoses, it works and looks great

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