Sealed clear plastic boot on airbox?

I have an '02 WR426 that I just picked up. On the lower portion of the airbox visible on the shift lever side of the bike, there is a clear plastic boot sealed on the end, that points forward, and is clamped onto the outlet. I looked at an '02 YZ250F and noticed it has the same airbox outlet, but on the YZF it had an L-shaped hose that was not sealed shut that points downward just above the chain. Does anybody know why mine is sealed and the YZF has an open hose that exits downward?

It's supposed to let you know when water or some other crap is in your airbox.I cut holes w/dikes in them to let them drain like they are supposed to.

Just cut a slot with a razer blade near the end.

The only problem with cutting a hole in it is that it acts as a straw if you get into a deep stream crossing. Saw one ingest a ton of water into the engine that way already...Not a pretty site...

Bonzai :)

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