Torque Wrench

I am looking to get a torque wrench soon and want to know which one is the best. I haven't went and looked at them yet. I would like to get a craftsman. I need to know what ranges craftsman makes there torque wrench's in. I need one that reads foot pounds right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have 3 Craftsman Torque Wrenches, starting at 15 inch lbs all the way through 110 Ft Lbs. Each ran aproximately $59.00 to $79.00 each. Mine have lasted 3 years so far and cost about $35.00 a year to have them calibrated...(My snapper guy sends them out for me). They are all good quality.

Bill McCutcheon

I doubt you will get one wrench that will accurately do all you need to do on a bike.

I would suggest a 1/4" drive inch lbs one, and a 1/2" drive foot lbs one, if you only buy 2... where the 1/4" one starts to get past 80% of it's range, the 1/2" one should be about 15- 20% of it's range - they are less than 3 or 4% accurate in the first or last 20% of their rated range. Spend a bit on half-decent ones, and they should serve you well...



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