need a new motor wr400 or 426

I blew mine yesterday and now need a new one. Where should i be looking? craigslist? ebay? haven't seen anything.

what happened to the motor? i have a 1998 yz400 and have been contemplating a more woods friendly setup. let me know what you are going to do with the old motor.

It's probably cheaper to fix yourself unless you cracked cases or something....

What went wrong?

this is my supermoto bike. I was buzzing around a corner in second gear, hard on the gas, went to shift (or was really close to shifting) and it went crunch. Bike died and coasted to the size of the road. Cracked the lower case in half under the cylinder . The top of the pic is towards the front of the bike, exhaust on the right and the oil lines are in the middle.


this is the second motor ive blown in this bike. The first was the top end.

This motor only had about 3 hours on it.

id be intrested in the wr transmission (if you have a good one), and the wr flywheel/lighting coil setup.


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