YZ rear wheel questions

I'm not sure which group to post this question in (yz400 or yz250), so i'll start here...

I have a 1998 yz400f 19" spare rear wheel that i wanted to put onto the 2003 yz250f (which has a slightly beat-up 18" wheel)!!

Well it turns out that the axle diameter on the 400f is smaller than that of the 250f, and so the 250f's axle will not pass through the spacer or wheel bearing of the 400f wheel.:eek:

I wanted to put a paddle on the 18" and just keep it for dune rides and be usable for either bike.

Anyway i guess my questions are;

does any one have ideas as to how i can;

- mount the 19" 400f wheel on the 250f

- use the 18" wheel for both rides once the paddle is installed

Thanks in advance:thumbsup:

The only remotely practical way to do that is to have the axle slot in the 400 machined larger to accept the 22mm axle, then shop for bearings that fit that axle, and customize the axle spacers, brake hanger, etc., to fit.

All in all, not very practical, really.

Thanks for the quick response... i figured i was "hosed" , but thought i would check the brain trust anyway though :eek:


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