RMEC class change, Merfman?

Merfman, I understand you were on the committee for the RMEC. I'm considering a class change for next season's RMEC. I'd like to hear some advice from leaving 4-stroke C to a B class. Thanks.


Keener if you don't mind I will throw in on this one, I'm the membership officer for the RMEC. The B class is nice if when you finish the C loop you are still wanting more. The level of riders are better, obvious one there. About 1/2 the time the terrian is more challenging in the longer course, after the C's split off. Once you move though you then give up any chance of doing well in the C class. The guys that taught me to ride told me to stay in the C class till I got moved mandatorly.

Thanks for the reply, Edog.

I am competive in the C class now. If I stay in 4 stroke C next season, can I still ride the rest of the courses with the A and B riders without penalty? In most of the races I wanted more, more, MORE because the courses were so much fun! :)

Sorry, I forgot one more Q. When do you get moved mandatorily up to the next class?


Continuing with the long course if your signed up as a C rider would be up to the promotor at each race. Issues come up of having a non competing rider on the course and getting the C stuff scored still.

In the RMEC advancement is done a few different ways. If you overall an event, for you a C overall. If you win your class at the end of the year, or if you finish top 5 in division, all of the C classes together.

You can move yourself up too. Sounds like you are ready and that maybe the right thing for ya.

Looks like Dawg answered your questions.. I'll just make a couple more points.

The reason we advised him to stay in the C division until he got bumped was,

unless the rules have changed, once you've ridden in the B division, you can only

go back to the C division by a written letter from the Chairman or AMA.

This regression is good for 1 year and is a 1 time allowance. Once you've ridden

in the A division, you can never go back.

The difference between the A/B routes and C routes aren't as evident (IMHO)

with the passing of some of the old events. Calamity Pass was a prime example.

The C route was fun/easy. The 3rd loop was generally 24mph with no resets,

rests, etc, for 35-40 miles. That'll kick your butt. Phoenix was another prime

example. The 3rd loop goat trail was simply heinous.

Now, having said all that, I moved myself into B. I got my a$$ kicked on a regular

basis and sometime wished I'd stayed in C. In retrospect though, it made me

a better rider. Depends on what you're looking for..


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