New Look!*!*!*!*!*!*!

:) I'd just like to pass my congratulations on to the TT bosses, The new Look is really good


Nice work! Less strain on the eyes with the new white background. However, I did like the old "high lighted" feature on previously read topics. That's minor, the new look is great.

Good job TT guys! :)

Too bad the "new look" could not be achieved without abandoning support for browsers other than IE.

Originally posted by Jim Duberg:

Too bad the "new look" could not be achieved without abandoning support for browsers other than IE.

I hear ya...and maybe for the next release we'll bring the Netscape guys along, but for now 95% of our users are IE and I'm the only one doing development (in addition to a *new* full-time job, a wife, and a 6 year old son). Maybe next release... :)


Nice job guys!!!!!!!!!!

Good work Steve

BTW thumpster - the text changes to black on previously read topics, just takes a little getting used to.

Yeah, you're right,

I'm blind in one eye and can't see out the other, must be going color blind too! :)

[ May 11, 2002: Message edited by: Thumpster ]

sorry guys but I like the dark back ground better.

to me the dark is much easier on the eyes.

is there a way to change it back in my profile? :)

I agree with s phillip's the dark background was easier on my eye's,but i'll just have to deal with it.Just a minor detail though.I appreciate your effort's to improve the thumper talk forum and i don't mean to offend the guy's that worked on it.

Looks great guys.

We really appreciate all the hard work and time you dedicate to helping us 9-5'ers slide in a little T-Time throughout the workday.

I dont think I would make it through the week with out it! :)

The new look is great!

The site looks great!

I have to say a dark background is easier on the eyes.

yep dark background for me too. i didn't want it at first now i like it lots and miss it.

there was also something soothing about seeing the thumpertalk logo in the same font but it's now changed twice in what seems like 6 months.

do i like the changes? well i don't mind them but everything is getting bigger and more strung out.


I think a dark background would be much better on the eyes as well.My .02 cents

The site looks great, but I too agree that the dark background is a little easier to stare at for hours :) I thinks it is great that you have added links to the ama and BRC hopefully we can get that many more people involved. How about adding a CORVA link for all of us in CA, while your at it why not post all the local access groups. By the way CORVA's web address is The info and community that has evolved from this site is great. Thanks for all your hard work... :D

I too liked the darker background. I miss the original blue background that we first started with. Either way, a big thanks to all who have a hand in keeping this site going. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

Darker is the go for dust filled eyes. But the work put in is much appreciated.

I too miss the dark background, but in general fine work and much appreciated.

is it possible for rooms to take a vote and have seperate background colors for different rooms?

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