01 yz426 weight shaving?

What can I buy other than a newer bike to shave weight on my 01 yz426? Also short of a alum subframe. What bolt-ons?

Not a lot that's not a lot of money. Converting to 450 plastic (tank, airbox, subframe, fenders and seat) will save about 4 lbs but it will feel like more because it carries the weight lower. Look on e-bay for parts, and search this forum for details. A Ti pipe (including the header) will save a pound or two, but you won't hardly notice it. Other than that, Ti bolts, axles, etc but are big buckaroos.

Thanks for the reply. Thats what I was thinking. This think feels like a tank on a mx track.

well unfortunately it was a tank ... compared to newer bikes. I had 4 of them 99-2002

A titanium shock spring will save 4-7 pounds. If you can find ti fork springs that will save another 2 pounds.

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