trailside tool kit for wr450

It seems I've left my camelback behind including my tool kit:rant: :eek: Lookin for the "ultimate tool list" or a good kit already put together cause I need everything. Any suggestions? I've looked at the kits in Dennis kirk and rockymountain MC. I forgot how much the Tire irons/axle wrenches are:banghead: I'll check back tomorrow.

Check out Although I personally don't have their tool kit, the level of choices they offer seem pretty impressive.

I have a cruz tools DMX kit it is a nice setup , have swapped a few things in and a few out to get it where I want it . they do cost like 100 buck so beware . believe it or not I do 90% of the work on my bike with just what I have in that bag.

that's it on my rack , but it's made to fit on ether fender


Thanks guys:thumbsup:

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