Rev limiter or jetting problem

I have been jetting my 07 WR450 and it is now good all the way up until high RPM when it dies temporarily like it is fuel starved. Is that the rev limiter or a too lean main jet? What does it act like when the limiter kicks in: quick stutters or longer waaah?

Slowly open the throttle.

If suddenly you feel the misfire and the engine will not go any faster, it is the limiter.

If the misfire gets worse as you open the throttle (and the engine speed increases), it is jetting.

I am in the midst of charging issues on my bike, but I exhibit the same symptoms when my accessories consume more power than my stator can put out. Everything runs fine 'till the battery voltage drops, then I cant rev past a certain point (studdering and backfires).

If you're running the stock electrical system, probably not your issue, but I thought that I'd throw in my issue to further complicate things... :eek:

FYI, my "accessories" are the Baja Designs kit. No headlight, no problem - headlight on for more than 10 minutes = rev issue.

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