CRF250 Green Sticker??

Anyone heard about this. I don't like to spread rumors, but a credible buddy says it's coming next year.


I've heard the same thing from 3 different Honda dealers. The CRF250X will be green stickered as will the CRF450X!

I heard the same thing from 2 different dealers. We're talking about the CRF...X not the "R".

I hope it's true.


'99 XR400

Renthal Bars (Carmicheal bend)

Scotts Damper

ESP Suspension

Summers Fork Brace

Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit

ICO Racing odo/speedo

Snorkle removed, Uni Filter, 160/58

96/97 end cap w/Vortip

I sure hope the CRF250X & R have the same gearbox.Not like the XR250R & XL.

Bruce C

Actually, I hope the gearboxes are like the YZ/WR. I don't want a close ratio trans for the desert.


Whats wrong with the XR gear box? :)

sounds to me like these new off-road x's are going to replace the xr's. If this is the case, you know they will have wr trans, heavier flywheel, etc.

The YZ/WR's have DOHC, and the CRF's have SOHC. Does this mean that in order to get 'R' timing on the 'X' a new cam will be nessicary, or will the cam's in the 2 bikes be the same from the factory? Thats just a minor difference in the Honda and Yamaha, but it does make one less free mod on the honda, if you want an 'X' with 'R' Timing like alot of people do with their WR's.

The pic's I saw might indicate an extra top gear on the X model. The transmission case looks suspiciously larger....and/or more oil capacity.

Steve R

I read in the new Dirt Bike, that the CRF250X will have the E button and green sticker. :) WOW. Better get in line. :D

Damn, and I just got my 400 dialed in!

Could you California guys bring this ol' hillbilly up to speed on this green sticker/red sticker thing? What criteria must a bike meet for either? I read about it in Dirt Bike all the time, and you guys speak of it frequently. I assume it's about meeting some EPA/eco-enviro law, but what exactly does it impose upon our bikes? For example is a brand new, un-modified XR400 a green sticker bike? red sticker?...both, or neither?

I figure the CRF-Xs will eventually replace the XR line too, and therefor be geared differently from the Rs. Unless of course they expand the new "F" line as an XR replacement, and make the Xs Honda's answer to the KTM EXC line. I'll buy a CRF450X if I get a shot at one. I just last week walked away from a fairly good deal on a brand new '03 450 EXC. I thought I wanted one pretty bad until I started really looking into them, lurking on the KTM forum, talking to some of the service dept. mechs at the shop that has the bike, ect. Too many potential problems, glitches, and quirks for me. I know they out run and out handle almost anything, and I was even starting to get caught up in the whole "KTM mystique" thing, but I can't bring myself to pay 7 grand for a bike that's going to need cam bearings and water pump seals the first season I ride it, or makes weird metallic grinding noises at idle, or leaves gear teeth and broken snap-ring pieces stuck to the magnetic drain plug at oil change time. When I heard about the CRF450X, well that just iced it for me, I'll wait for one.

Those KTM TT'ers are a great bunch of guys, super friendly and helpful! :D They're a pleasure to talk to, and I honestly feel like they deserve better reliability for their money than what they seem to be getting. But they all seem happy (for the most part), and they stand by their KTMs devoutly, and they have a strong sense of "pride in ownership" and I guess that's all that matters. I probably just don't get it. Sorry for the long ramble, I'm on midnight shift and BORED. :)

My long reply vanished into cyberspace.

You can read up about Red Stickers at this web link:

Basically, bikes that don't meet air quality standards are not allowed to be ridden in public areas during peak smog periods (summer). The closures can range from May to Oct.

New trail bikes (eg XR, TTR, KLX300) get green stickers.

2-strokes made after 1996, MXer's, and almost any new competition 4-stroke gets a red sticker. The one exception seems to be a specific KTM model.

Green sticker bikes tend to be jetted very lean, have non-pumper carbs, and are restricted on intake and exhaust. The Honda XR400 is a good example of a Green sticker bike.

The question is how will the open course CRF250X compare with the closed course CRF250R MX'er.

Actually, the KTM's have pumper carbs and are green sticker bikes.

The manufacturer's have to make the bikes clean enough to pass CARB's emmisions standards as well as pay a huge fee. Something like $100K per model in order to get the bike classified as a green sticker bike.

Honda does this with their xr's by having a "California Model" which differs from the unrestricted 49-state model. This is why the CA model xr's have leaner jetting (i.e. the xr650r with is so plugged up it barely runs in stock form.)

KTM got their 4-strokes approved by using a leaner needle in the carb. Heck, they even give you the "good" needle when you buy one of these bikes in CA.

As for Yamaha, I have no idea why they don't do this on the wr's.

When can we expect the 450x?? is it gonna be in the '04 line?

The dealers I've spoke with all say it will be in the '04 lineup. They claim the reason it hasn't been announced yet is so they can continue selling xr's up until then.

The CRF250 is coming in the fall of '03. I want the "R" model, does anybody know if that will be green or red sticker? :)

The R will probably be a red sticker. I don't live in Cali, but some of the stories I've heard from guys that do it seems like somedays you have a 50/50 chance of what sticker you get. One guy got his WR red stickered while another guy got his RM250 green stickered. Go figure :) Also, I'll bet that the "R" is released in early summer. In time for the nationals (God I hope!)

Yeah, I hope it out by summer too. I kind of doubt it though. Honda is going to take their time with this bike 'cause when it comes out their going to want it to be good. So it can compete with the Yamy's :)

If the new CRF450X and CRF250X have Green Stickers and good reliability, I'll get one of each!

Honda, are you listening?


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