Radiator $300!!

I've squashed one of the radiators of my 07' WR450 when I crashed the other day.

I was so surprised that the radiator costs $300!! while CRF450R's radiator only costs $199.

I've realized that yamaha's genuine parts are unacceptably over priced. I do not understand wonder why they do that.

Is there any after-market radiator that would fit WR? There is no way I am paying $300 just for that!

Send your munched one to Myler's in Utah...they work miracles for cheap!

Send your munched one to Myler's in Utah...they work miracles for cheap!

Or if that won't work, get a set (2, R & L) of Fluidyne's right here on TT for $400, they are last radiators you will ever buy... they are bad ass and a fraction of the cost of OEM... Yamaha is on crack with this radiator pricing... it's been that much since 1999 :thumbsup:

How bad is the damage? I have a local radiator shop that will fix my motorcycle radiators if they have a crack, leak, or even bent up a little. There might be one near you so you don't have to send it out, but as previous posts have said, Myler's is awesome. When my local shop laughs at me, I pack it up and send it out to them. I have sent them some busted up, bent, tweeked stuff that I didn't think was repairable and it comes back looking great. Remember, if your radiator is smashed in, twisted, and crushed into a little ball, they won't be able to make it look brand new, but it won't leak and will be a whole lot better then it was before. Other then the aforementioned, you will be very pleased.

They're less than $200 here --->>>http://www.crotchrocket.com/fiche_section_detail.asp

How come they are so cheap? I thought genuine parts had same prices anywhere. Very interesting.

It seems Myler's works for me. I will send mine to them when I go to a vacation this summer.

Thanks guys!:thumbsup:

Next time. WORKS CAGES!100.00

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