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I just thought i'd say


Oh and I just orderd a new speedo for my bike, one of those panoram PC which were on the internet a few dayz ago

I've been practicing my corners, doing hundreds of figure of 8ts in the field speedway stylyee! I have found, figure of 8ts are excellent if you are trying to improove cornering tech!#

Shout out 4 people who live in and around shropshire UK

Please get in touch for trail rides (I want to go on some!)

Cheers Tom

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hi i live a bit south of birmingham but would probably traval if u know of some good places to ride

oh yeah and im on a yz not a wr, so if u know of somewhere that doesnt need a number plate even better.

hey we wouldnt have to kiss and cuddle would me,,,,,,its just the tittle of this post has me a bit jittery

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