Whats up on them thar hills?

Has anyone spotted bears at Stonyford and/or Forest Hill?

Thinking of going camping but don't want any unwelcomed guests.

Not worried while on bike its just when sleeping and/or gone from camp

Thanks for your post


I don't feel the love my thumper brothers ( and sisters )

Any bears ????

Fryboy, it depends on where you camp. I have not seen any bears in the places I have gone with one exception and only one time. Years ago, we had a black bear with a couple of cubs come meandering through our camp site in Kennedy Meadows. I went up there for many years and never saw one again. The best resource for that kind of information is to call the ranger station. Feeling better? :)

Oh, my wife just reminded me that we think we heard one in the middle of the night trying to get into the trash can up near Downeyville. The dogs went nuts! Of course, it could have been some other kind of critter as well. :D

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