Seal Savers...Anyone have them?

Does anyone have the Seal Savers that is flashing at the top of your screen? If so, what size? It seems that if the bike is dropped on a rock, the long version may prevent a knick in the fork (been there, done that :)).

I've run the long ones for a year or so. No problems yet. They do protect the forks and seals somewhat. I laid the bike down and gashed one of them on some ledge rock and the fork underneath was not damaged (It was not a very hard hit though). All of the guys I know that use them think they are a good investment for $15. The folks at Seal Saver suggest that you roll up the bottom 1/2 inch when washing the bike to eliminate any chance of trapping dirt under there. I think the size was 1 3/4". The blue ones are not the best color match. If I had it to do over again I would have ordered black. Best of luck.

Unfortunatly, i think since they have gotten more popular the price has increased to $22 a pair.

My suggestion? By a pair of the long ones and cut them in half. Now you have 2 pair.

I got the yellow ones to match my hurricane plastic. It didnt match at all. Wish I would have went black too.

Has anyone tried fork boots( by Progrip )? I've used these on 2 bikes and have been pretty happy with them(no forks seals to be replaced). Installation is a bit of work though

I've got the long ones. Had them on for less than a year. They seem to serve their purpose. I agree with Joel Gibson, the blue is not the best color match. I would go with black if buying again.

I'm trying a set of black shorties soon after my suspension comes back from MX Tech East (John Curea). You'll see a review soon thereafter.

Milkman turned me onto seal savers over a year ago....Before that I was cleaning spitting seals after almost EVERY muddy ride....Since installation not one leaking/spitting seal....I will never use anything else.

Bonzai :)

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