finaly got one

i am new to this site. i've reed some pretty interesting stuff on here. been looken at the other bike discussion pages to,but kinda stuk on the WR's :)

i had a kawasaki KLX 300 for three years, but when my bud got a WR, i had a taste of some real power. so i finally sold mine after a year or so more and bought a new 2001 WR 426! Sence it was lasty years modle, i got $600 off the retial. i dont have exuce to not keep up with my friend anymore. :D:D

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Those animals on the Klx side will hear you and form a big Green Possee.....

Welcome to the Blue Side....

Bonzai :)

In high school I had an ’81 KLX 250. Nice trail bike with gobs of suspension, terrible hill climber though. Got shown up bad on a hill called monster. Had rained the night before so everything was greasy. About 5 of us were taking turns trying to get up ***n thing. For me with my KLX 1st gear would get up about a third of the way before losing momentum and traction 2 gear on up was just too much for the motor to handle, but would get farther up the hill. Finally the guy that made it had a Husqvarna 390, put the thing in third gear wide open bottom to top. Man, was that wheel churnin some mud! :)

about the throtle stop. did you have some shop remove it, or did you do it yourself?

Welcome aboard Speedy_G. You will find some serious excitement between them legs now ! LOL ! Hope your wife/girlfriend isn't insecure. Just kiddin!

About your throttle stop question,

Did it all by me self. It isn't that difficult. However fitting an allen wrench in with Carb still on is a bit time consuming. With perseverance I am sure you can do the same. Do a search on Throttle stop and you will find links with pictures !!!! I took mine out and sawed off the tip - down to wear the threads start. You will find some on here like to have throttle stop chopped to a specific lenghth. I have seen different lengths. Some have removed all together while others state not to do this. I chose to chop - didn't measure but as I said cut down to wear threads start. Then I rounded off end with file. No problems ! Worked like a champ. Hope this helps and ride on my blue brother !!!!

SPEEDY_G Got rid of a KDX-250,Pipe Reeds etc..

for a WR426.I aint never going back to a 2-Smoke again!!!!!!!!I'm 40 Years Old and I'm A kid AGAIN!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to bolt more crap on this bike,the possibilities give me an erection!! :):D:D:D:D

I can testify that I feel 10 years younger. That would put me at age 26! :)

MUCH more fun than a street bike. :D

TK421, I think Adrenelin is Fountain of Youth.It's either the adrenelin or the ADDICTION to it thereof. :):D:D:D

I hear ya RSA210! Gotta have those thrill machines!


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